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Running Therapy for Evacuees

We have tens of thousands of people who have been evacuated from their homes in the south, and the north, to hotels in Jerusalem.

I’ve contacted these hotels and started running with these evacuees.

I have a network of more volunteer runners who will take many of them for safe runs around Jerusalem.

These are deeply traumatized people – some of them were on runs or bike rides on October 7th.

The stories are beyond horrendous. 

They left their homes with no running equipment to say the least.


I contacted running stores and distributors who are all willing to sell the equipment and attire at cost.

Now I’m looking for funding. My dear cousins and family from the US have been so generous and donated money to help purchase running gear.

How Can You Help?

If you want to help you can send a  contribution to the Tani Fund – a fund created by my family after Tani died that among other things funds our annual Tani Run.

  • You may also send directly to the Tani Fund bank account or PayPal

  • The Tani Fund is charitable and you can get a tax deduction in the US through the PEF, details below.

To give you a sense of the costs:

  • A short sleeve dri fit shirt: $10

  • Long sleeve dri fit: $12

  • Sacouny running shoes: $100 Brooks

  • Runnings shoes: $100

  • Running pants: $50

  • Running belt: $50

Any surplus will be dedicated to the next Tani Run we will hold after the war.

Sending you so much love and deep appreciation for your love and support.



For Bank transfers:

Direct transfer with Israel  Receipt:

Israel Discount Bank

Bank Number: 0011

Branch Number: 0162


Number IBAN (23 digits) IL060111620000019514192. 

Currency of Account: US DOLLAR

Beneficiary’s Name: KEREN TANI 

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