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Running through thousands of years in one single run

These stones were made for running.

Jerusalem’s mountainous terrain boasts temperate weather and breathtaking views of a history that stretches back millennia, and across empires, cultures, and faiths. Whether you’re an experienced runner or a morning jogger; whether you join a scheduled tour or design a custom route with our professional tour guides, a run with RUN-JLM is an exhilarating experience: 

a workout for both body and mind.


Feel it All

East and West, past and present, heaven and earth: Jerusalem is a city that has it all, and all within running distance. 

Gain Insight

Our running guides are also professional tour guides, excited to share their vast knowledge of and love for the region and its history.

Reach New Levels

Jerusalem’s varied topography and famous inclines make for a thrilling mental and physical push—and stunning vistas along the way.

Own It

Traveling in a group? Tell us what interests you most, and we’ll design a custom tour that hits all the right sites.

What People Are Saying About 


“Thanks to Jerusalem’s hills, our running tour provided a real exercise challenge as well as some of the most beautiful scenery you could imagine. Our guide was warm and funny and did a fantastic job of weaving together the historical and modern city and the different religions that live here and make up its unique culture. Even though I live in Israel, she showed me things I had never seen before. I wholeheartedly recommend this tour to travelers and residents alike.”

Roni - Tel Aviv, IL

“I loved my tour last week! It was so great to ‘kill two birds with one stone’ and get in a run while also enjoying a fun and interesting tour of Jerusalem—and all before my first cup of coffee of the day. The energy our guide brought to the run was amazing, and I would definitely recommend Jerusalem Running Tours to all business travelers interested in seeing and learning about this incredible city while also getting in their exercise.”


Ari - New York, NY

“I loved that my guide’s comments were inclusive of all three faiths’ beliefs and viewpoints. I learned about the city from so many different perspectives, which in turn gave me a real appreciation for what makes Jerusalem such an amazing place. And all while getting in a great workout!”


Albana - Tirana, Albania


Here by yourself or with a  friend? 

Join us for one of our regularly scheduled tours and meet some new friends along the way! Discounts available for pairs and triples.

1 person - $100

2 people - $90/person

3 people - $80/person


Traveling in a group of four or more? Contact us about scheduling a group tour. We'll customize a route to meet the interests and needs of all your participants, including both sights and intensity.


(Groups of 4-5)


Questions about our Jerusalem running tours? Bring them on! 

Fill out the form and we’ll have a guide be in touch right away.

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