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Group Tours

Traveling in a group of four or more? We'll customize a route to meet the interests and needs of all your participants, including both sights and intensity. Please conta...
Run & Tour - Groups (4-5 people)
1 hr 30 min
Prices vary by size

Important Info

Distance: 5.5 mi (8.5 km)

Duration: ~1.5 hr, dependent on the group’s pace


The terrain is very hilly, and is mainly comprised of road and cobblestone. Runners may choose to store their belongings in a designated space prior to the beginning of the tour. Bathrooms are available throughout the run. Please bring a water bottle and hat with you.


We begin our run in Jerusalem’s German Colony, making our way to Mt. Zion and through the Valley of Hinom. We’ll explore 2000 year-old tombs in the Valley of Kings, and then head to Gethsemane - a garden at the base of the Mt. of Olives. From there, the tour circles the Old City Walls, finally reaching the Damascus Gate in the east. We’ll explore a bit of East Jerusalem, glimpse an ultra orthodox neighborhood, and finally return to the starting point via City Hall and Jaffa Gate.


Afterwards, we'll cool down with a smoothie of your choice from Mitz Petel ("raspberry juice" in Hebrew), a local smoothie & juice bar.

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